Liquid Menthol Crystals – 10-120mL USP Grade Menthol Flavor Concentrate (30mL)

Offers a powerful and flavorful Menthol experience in just a few drops


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NoTE Flavors Menthol Extract delivers a powerful and full flavored Menthol sensation in just a few drops. NoTE Liquid Menthol is proudly made in the USA and manufactured using our proprietary technology which vaporizes raw menthol crystals into chilled PG. Each batch is mixed for at least to 12 hours to ensure a consistent and smooth Menthol flavor. Our unique process allows us to offer one of the strongest concentrates on the market with no risk of crystallization or separation in most use cases. Unlike other Menthol flavorings NoTE Menthol Flavoring is naturally flavored and contains zero additives artificial flavorings or alcohols of any kind. NoTE Flavors uses only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade PG. Our product meets all USP Food Grade quality and manufacturing standards.

Made in the USA!

NEW: Try our Solid Menthol Crystals perfect for aromatherapy allergies and relief from cold and flu symptoms. Use in wax melters aromatherapy diffusers and in the shower to open up your sinuses.

Flavor Profile:
NoTE Liquid Menthol delivers a strong icy Menthol sensation wherever it is used. Provides a slight minty aftertaste at higher concentrations.

This product is highly concentrated and must be used sparingly. Start at 1 3% by volume and increase until desired flavor is achieved. Keep away from children. Flavor Concentrate: Always dilute prior to use.

Returns accepted within 30 days of purchase. Returns must be unopened and unused with an intact secondary safety seal and/or tamper evident cap. Offers a powerful and flavorful Menthol experience in just a few drops
Does not solidify crystalize or seperate in liquids
Multi Purpose Liquid Menthol Flavoring Aromatherapy DIY Liquid Candymaking and More
No Harmful Additives Our naturally extracted Menthol is DiacetylAcetoin and Alcohol Free
Made in the USA

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