This is the Brand combo of Napalm TRADE MARK . Full kit (&) Cartridge deliver perfect blends of flavor convenience and fast acting CBD all in one! Loaded with a sweet and fruity taste the Fruit Rocks CBD infused cartridges takes your senses on a journey back to your favorite fruity morning cereal with a hint of milky smoothness. Available in 100mg Full Combo with Imini Thick oil and Prefilled 100 Mg Catridge
Lab Tested
choice of Cartridge filled flavor depends on stock but mostly Swapple flavor 100

Manufacturer: CreatingBdays;
Model: ;
MPN: Nano1000;
Part Number: Nano1000;
UPC: ;
Color: black;
Brand: napalmOg;
Department: ;
Size: ;
Warranty: ;
Label: CreatingBdays;
Amazon Sale Rank: 65175;

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